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My Story

I converted to Christianity in 2017 after a lifetime as an agnostic. Since then, I've helped launch faith groups at Salesforce and various companies and have become an advocate for faith inclusion in the workplace.  Here are 4-minute and 30-minute versions of my testimony. 

4-minute testimony

30-minute testimony

Who is Leanership for?


Those who want to be equipped, and those who want to equip others. 

Leanership equips anyone to live out their calling in the workplace and beyond. Leanership also helps church and ministry leaders equip their organizations with relevant training from experts in the field.

Expertise from the field

As a technology leader who leads both Christian and interfaith organizations in one of the top technology companies in the world, I have learned a lot about the real-world scenarios that confront people of faith.


Whether you're just coming out of hiding with your faith or you're ready to lead faith activities at work, you'll find practical strategies here. ​

For more on my story, see my keynote address at the Faith ERG Conference in Washington DC.

Leanership talks

I've had the opportunity to speak at several companies, churches, and ministries, like Cru and University of California, Berkeley. See my talk "Be a Leaner" at New Beginnings Church, or browse my sample talks below.


Contact me to set up a talk, workshop, or keynote. 


Featured in 


Additional Talks & Podcasts

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