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How to Build Trust in 30 Seconds

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

(Below is an excerpt of a blog post published on LinkedIn)

I trusted him immediately—the first officer of the flight I was on to Dallas. And I wondered: How did this stranger win my trust so quickly?

It was a small plane, about half full. After what felt like an unusual amount of time taxiing, I noticed several passengers looking around anxiously. What was taking so long? Why hadn't we taken off? Was there a problem? 

Just then, the intercom buzzed on:

“Hi everyone. My name is Thomas, and I’m your first officer today. I wanted to explain why we’re having this leisurely taxi right now. We had two planes ahead of us who were being just a little pokey. They have taken off now. In a minute, we will take a left and then another left. We’ll be facing in the other direction, lined up for takeoff, and it’ll be our turn. Olivia and Ravi, please take your seats for takeoff.”

Everyone relaxed and went back to their activities. But I couldn't stop thinking about Thomas's words. Here's what struck me and what I think we all can learn from Thomas...

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